Back to Balanace Health Restoring Vitality Tincture

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HT-1201 1 OZ
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Processed fo-ti, scutellaria root, organic astragalus root, organic red clover leaf & flower, organic burdock root, organic dandelion leaf & root, organic rhemannia root in a base of grain alcohol
Geo-energetic enhancers:
Rose Quartz, Hematite

Back to Balance has been carefully created to support and promote optimal function of your body’s major organs and energy systems. Designed for use as a daily supplement, the powerful herbs & crystals in this formula work synergistically to:

*Increase energy
*Encourage detoxification
*Promote a healthy metabolism
*Build the blood
*Cleanse and tone the liver and kidneys
*Promote healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels
*Normalize heart function
*Stimulate immune function
*Strengthen digestion
*Facilitate healing
*Protect against viral and bacterial infections
*Strengthen the physical and energetic bodies
*Promote healthy overall body function

Suggested use:
Take 1/2 teaspoon (45 drops) one to two times daily in 1/4 cup water
*Children 6-12 use 1/2 the regular dosage
**Not intended for use in children under 6