Cancer Care Herbal Tincture

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HT-1203 1 OZ
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Organic astragalus root, organic scuttelaria root, organic turmeric root, organic burdock root in a base of grain alcohol.
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Cancer Care is a carefully formulated combination of powerful herbs that have each been shown in clinical studies to assist in the healing and/or prevention of certain types of cancers. Working synergistically together, the herbs in this formula help to activate the body's own defenses, thereby allowing it to protect and heal itself.

As a preventative supplement, Cancer Care can be taken on its own to help create optimal wellness. For those already suffering from illness, this formula can be used in conjunction with other therapies to both enhance healing and help minimize certain unwanted side effects of traditional cancer treatments.

**This formula is not intended to take the place of traditional cancer therapies or advice or treatment from your physician. At The Way of The Witch, we believe that each individual's healing path is a personal one and that all avenues, both traditional and holistic, should be available for careful consideration so that informed decisions can be made. Talk to your doctor before taking this or any other herbal supplement.