Protection Oil

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Organic black walnut, organic comfrey, organic lemon peel, organic hawthorn, organic mullein, organic red clover, organic plantain, organic fennel, organic lavender oil, patchouli oil, infused in a fractionated MCT (coconut/palm) carrier oil.
Geo-energetic enhancer:

5ml bottle

*All Natural *Vegan *Chemical Free *Cruelty Free *Ethically Sourced *Sustainably Crafted


Protection oil Mantra- I am surrounded and protected by love and light.  I return lower-vibrational energy to its source and intend transformation and healing for all involved.

Designed for daily support, manifestation oils work synergistically with your energy field to promote and bring to fruition specific outcomes.

Protection oil is created from a blend of herbs specifically chosen for their powerful energetic shielding and defensive properties. It is geo-energetically enhanced with corresponding crystals to work at the subtle body level, providing added empowerment and strength to the formula.

We ensure our ingredients are consciously sourced for sustainability and superior quality. Our products are always bio-energetically created during the appropriate moon cycle to further amplify their effects. 

Suggestions for use:

Wear daily on your chakra centers or where desired, and/or use in ritual.

*Ritual tip*
Use the roll-on bottle to write intentions corresponding with your chosen oil on a piece of paper and burn it during a new, waxing, or full moon.